lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2015

Intervención realizada con motivo del Día Internacional contra la Violencia de Género. Aptitudes 2015, en La Rambla, Cordoba.

Estado Patriarcal.

La acción consistió en poner frases machistas de políticos españoles en los contenedores de basura.
Patriarchal State. 
Intervention made on the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.
Aptitudes 2015, La Rambla, Cordoba.
The action involves putting macho phrases of Spanish politicians in dumpsters.
 "The more naked, more elegant". José Torres Hurtado, Mayor of Granada.
"In our group no one has dedicated one euro to fix her doormat". Matías Llorente, deputy spokesman of the PSOE in the deputation of Leon.  

"You think you walk into an elevator and there is a girl wanting to get you the turns. He gets you in the elevator, the bra or skirt and starts shouting out that you tried to attack."
Javier Leon de la Riva, Mayor of Valladolid.
"The quality I prefer in a man? Responsibility. Is the quality I prefer in a woman? That is a woman"
José María Aznar, former president government.

"I love animals, and if you are female and two legs, the better [...] I am racist, but not women"
Juan Hormaechea, former higher and former president of Cantabria Santander

"In Spain there are over a thousand violations of the Year" and "you can not put a policeman behind every citizen". Francisco de la Torre, Mayor of Malaga.

"Every time the [sic] see his face and those Lips think so, but I will not tell here."
Javier Leon de la Riva, Mayor of Valladolid.

"Last year the girls Were With panties on hand for you to dry"
Teresa Porras, Málaga Party councilor.

"Cinderella is an example for our lives for the values it Represents. Receive abuse without question"
Ana Botella, former Mayor of Madrid. 
"Do They Have kitchens in the new offices?"
Enrique Mugica, Justice Minister Felipe González

I do not believe in the value, I find calved
 Javier Leon de la Riva, Mayor of Valladolid.

"Laws are like women, are to rape"
Castelao Bragaño, Former President of the General Council of the Citizens Abroad.

"Most of the complaints of domestic violence are false. And prosecutors did not pursue them. The statistics are skewed". Toni Cantó, UPyD former deputy

"Freedom of motherhood is what makes women women authentically"
Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, former Minister of Justice.

"You have to live with the shadow economy as some women. There they can be removed."
Manuel Fernandez, Deputy PP canary.
"Tomorrow, the Constitution turns 18, If were a girl would dress long; If were a citizen could vote tomorrow"
Miguel Angel Rodriguez, spokesman for the government of Aznar.

"We want a Europe of the Merchants will go to the hell of bitches."
Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo, Mayor of Marinaleda
 "The need to use irrigation and women, very carefully, you can lose one."
Miguel Arias Cañete, former minister
"Many ... you had to suck to be where you are"
Rafael Sanchez-Acera, PSOE spokesman in Alcobendas.
"The debate between a man and a woman is very difficult because if you abuse of intellectual superiority, or whatever, it seems that you are a male who is closing in on a defenseless woman (...) If it appears in your intervention that could higher self, can be considered macho "
Miguel Arias Cañete, former minister.

"The only interesting thing was that lady showed her cleavage."
Manuel Fraga, Franco minister, founder of PP.

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