miércoles, 17 de diciembre de 2014


from 17 DEC 2014 to 21 DEC 2014
Serralves, Porto

The need for "evacuation of the voice" emerges as a process that is inseparable from dismantling the "face", as the representation of the "I" that is conveyed by capitalism. 
The final five performances within a set of ten, in which the artists will attempt, through their performances, to evacuate the voice from their bodies, via a process of "subjective depersonalization". 
Detachment from thinking, through refusal of "idiomatic aesthetic expressions of a generic nature" arises as a means of trying to "understand our psychological, physiological and neurobiological conditions, from an external perspective. "

These performances will be recorded and later published, together with the theoretical research carried out by the artists and other writers, thereby enabling further analysis.

Production and Performance: Miguel Prado and Mattin

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