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Happy Holidays !

Le Journal is on a well-deserved vacation. This has been an eventful season for photography, to say the least. Not everyone is on vacation, though. A few of us are staying behind to prepare your Christmas present: a full redesign of Le Journal. Let’s hope Santa isn’t too late. For the next s...

In memoriam

Paris: Newton at the Grand Palais

Paris wants to make up for lost time with Helmut Newton by offering the largest retrospective since his death in Hollywood on January 23, 2004. The Foundation in Berlin regularly shows a part of his work, of course, but with this exhibition at the Grand Palais from...


London, Thomas Ruff

Thomas Ruff was born in 1958 in Zell am Harmersbach, Germany. The university colleague of Andreas Gursky studied photography in the 1970’s at the Stattlichen Kunstakademie Düsseldorf under Bernd Belcher, and also acted there as a teacher from 2000 until 2006. His work is ...


Madrid: Emile Otto Hoppé

La Fundacion Mapfre is showing for the first time in Madrid, until May 20, 2012, the work of photographer Emil Otto Hoppé. Born in Munich in 1878, E.O. Hoppé moved to Great Britain in 1902 where he began working as a photographer in 1907.


Les plafonds de verre
Philippe Dugay

Philippe Dugay works on the decontextualization of objects. His constructions float between light and darkness, between reality and fiction. In this inside outside dialogue, the pictures of landscapes and interiors, taken in a tangible and familiar reality, focus on the space aro...


Mademoiselle Natasha Gudermane

The photographer Natasha Gudermane was shocked by the recent French ban on the word mademoiselle (Ms.), which will no longer appear on administrative documents. She sent us this portfolio entitled "Mesdemoiselles ou les portraits intimes de parisiennes."

In memoriam

Death of Jérôme Brezillon

Jérôme Brezillon passed away on Friday morning, March 2, following a two-year battle with cancer. He was 47. We will miss his elegance, his honesty, his courage, his talent, and above all his friendship, which was candid and complete. Jérôme leaves behind him an unfinished body of work. He...


Erica Lennard
The Beauty of Women

Erica Lennard and the Agathe Gaillard Gallery have a long story together. The future photographer Erica came to Paris with her sister in 1973, shortly after finishing her studies at the San Francisco Art Institute. With, as baggage, pictures of her sister Elisabeth and her friends...


Whitney Houston: It's also photojournalism

Paul Harris is the head of Pacific Coast News, one of the largest paparazzi agencies on the West Coast. Two of his photographers, Ben Dome and Dave Tonnessen, took pictures of Whitney Houston a few hours before her death. When their publication caused a scandal, Paul Harris ...


Jacques Deserson
Docteur de l'argentique

Jonas Cuénin, one of our New York contributors, has a passion for Irving Penn, and in particular one of the photographer’s most famous series: Small Trades. Jonas’ web series, “Of Pictures and Men” (Des images et des hommes) is a tribute to Penn’s work. It focuses on all thos...
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