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Yan Morvan Gang Stories and European and American press releases




Yan Morvan :
Gangs Story

Yan Morvan is a great photographer. The only problem is that’s he’s unbearable. But behind his endless outrages and provocations lies an unusually cultured man, a genuine tenderness, and the authentic vision of a journalist and photojournalist. Human beings, the other, fasc...


Bastia : Paul Alessandrini Une invitation

Paul Alessandrini is a legendary columnist for the French music magazine Rock & Folk and a party organizer for the Palace. A regular contributor to Le Journal, he takes pictures during his travels. If you happen to live near Bastia Corsica, he would like to i...


Los Angeles: Camera Night at the Ivar

These photographs remind us that the Hollywood nightlife in the 20th century was a haven for libertines. The Ivar Theatre, opened in 1951, was a strip club, but it felt more like a mausoleum for lost souls. It was a somber place where patrons took their seats with the gravity of ...

Editorial & Business

Associated Press, DAPD and DPA: Updates

On Wednesday, November 14th, the Associated Press announced from New York the termination of its contract with the German agency DAPD in favor of DPA, the leading German-language news agency. On Friday, November 16th, DAPD firmly denied the validity of the announcement, For ...


Paris: Matt Wilson, Mark Klett & Byron Wolfe

The photographers Mark Klett & Byron Wolfe and Matt Wilson have chosen the United States as their territory. After the many photographers who have explored this country, they immersed themselves in the USA to show us their travels and wand...


Melisa Teo
Light From Within

For her first European exhibition, Melisa Teo shows us a part of her spiritual journey. After a career in book publishing, the young woman from Singapore suddenly dropped everything, to devote herself to photography.


Matteo Bastianelli : The Bosnian Identity

The facades of the houses and apartment-blocks are full of gaping wounds. Holes left by machine-gun fire and the white blotches of concrete used to fill in many such holes caused by the bombings, look like imaginary constellations throughout the whole of Bosnia. Memories, des...

Press Review

US press review by Paul Melcher

It’s not so much the volume of photographs being taken that is an issue but rather the quality of those being displayed. With traditional media looking to cut cost while their readership is dwindling, they have found no better measure than to reduce their photographic expenditure. Inst...

Press Review

European press review by Michel Philippot

I feel a little dizzy now, looking back what I have to offer you this week. These are “funny” pictures, lots of portraits. A woman died after a violent blow to the stomach from a stoup, and now “civil” society is reacting. What joy. A wheezing old crooner, an ex-lover, a exce...


Brisbane: Australian landscape

In this exhibition five photo-media artists look at the Australian landscape with imagery that spans the abstract and somewhat esoteric to epic photographs ofLake Eyre’s seemingly endless horizon and the sprawling metropolis of the country’s second largest city, Melbou...


Pierre Crocquet de Rosemond

The book Pinky Promise is an investigation in which photography is just one of the many tools used to represent, as accurately as possible, a difficult subject: the sexual abuse of children. These stylistically diverse photographs—from classic black and white to more journalistic ...


Miss Rosen :
Book Review #43

Janette Beckman spent the summer of 1983 in Los Angeles, staying in the home of a good friend who was then managing the pop group, The Go-Gos. While in town, she came across a newspaper piece on the East L.A. gang scene; the story had no photographs, so Beckman took to t...


Anne Menke - See the World Beautiful

Anne Menke has traveled the world on assignment for the likes of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Conde Nast Traveller, usually in search of the perfect environment to shoot a fashion spread. She has discovered that these environments themselves are the origins of much ...


Esprit de Corps : Witkin, Coplans and Molinier

The body is concrete reality, present in our being, which becomes the site of an endless questioning. As both subject and object, the body makes a display of its relationship with the world in its organic and symbolic dimensions. Art has done well to return us to this co...
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