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Joel Sternfeld, George Steinmetz and Swedish fashion photography




Berlin : Joel Sternfeld

For the European Month of Photography, C/O Berlin is presenting an important retrospective of the work of the American photographer Joel Sternfeld. Born in New York in 1944, Sternfeld has worked in large-format color since the 1970s, making him one of the pioneers of color phot...


Paris : Photographes de mode suédois

As part of the Mois de la Photo in Paris, the Swedish Institute will presentingDistances différentes, a group exhibition that brings together the work of several Swedish fashion photographers: Denise Grünstein, Julia Hetta, Martina Hoogland Ivanow, Julia Peirone and Eli...


China : Jiwei Han

I was practicing this project since November 2011. I would choose it because, firstly, I come from China and we have no any launderette. So, I am very curious about this place. And more, for me the launderette ismore like a ‘Microscope’, through it which can reflect some typical Britis...


Georgia : Giorgi Shengelia - Four Room

The documentary project "Four Room" is about immigrant women who live in Italy. The project is made in a home where only Georgian immigrant women live and discovers their daily lives. The boundaries of the project do not change because most of the woman do not go outsid...


New York : George Steinmetz - Desert Air

Seen from above, the world’s deserts offer astonishing compositions. The American photojournalist George Steinmetz, a regular contributor to National Geographic and GEO, has hovered over them since the beginning of his career twenty-five years ago. Desert Air is the name of hi...


Thierry des Ouches :
L'amour de Paris

Halfway between a hotel and a contemporary photo gallery, L’Hôtel Atmosphères is presenting Thierry des Ouches’ work on Paris. In the 112 original large-format prints hanging of the walls in every room and in the hotel lobby, we discover what the artist calls his “exoticism of p...


Paris : Christine Barbe
Eaux troubles

Passionate about contemporary art, Jacques and Evelyne Deret are collectors. Recently, a new project create by the couple is born, Art [ ] Collector. To promote the French contemporary artists, the project gathers a selection committee with other collectors and curators, who ch...


Paris : Marion Tampon-Lajarriette

For her second solo exhibition at Galerie Dix9, Marion Tampon-Lajarriettepresents her latest video and photographic creations issued from new approaches of her main questioning : the image and its relationships with the memory and dream. The images of the series em>


Shanghai : Cac group
Reconstruction N°.1

The Minsk based Concept/Art/Confession Group presents the project Reconstruction N0.1 (2011), a selection of photo-objects created by Alexey Schlyk and sculptures by Anton Nichiparuk, currently shown at the Kunst Licht Photo Art Gallery in Shanghai. These a...


Brooklyn :
Elizabeth D. Herman

War is an ugly, cruel affair that has been endlessly discussed, contested, advocated, and above all, documented. From the earliest staged Civil War battle scenes to the barrage of images depicting the war in Afghanistan in recent years, photographers have walked alongside soldiers and ...


Prague - Paris : Vaclav Jirasek - Industria

Leica Gallery Prague in co-operation with Centre tchèque de Paris present the exhibition of the leading contemporary Czech photographer Vaclav Jirasek - Industria. These works touch upon the highly compelling theme of the disappearance of these “cathedrals of labour”, symbo...


São Paulo : As Close As Possible, The Portrait

The Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo will present through February 17 the group exhibition O mais parecido possível – O retrato (As Close As Possible: The Portrait), featuring forty photographs taken between 1970 and 2011. For the curator Diógenes Moura, the exhibition...


Adolfo Kaminsky
Un homme libre

Adolfo Kaminsky, a resistance fighter and an expert in counterfeiting, spent thirty years of his life forging false documents to save lives. During the Second World War, while crafting stamps to make identity cards, Kaminsky discovered photography. After the war, Kaminsky took thousan...
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