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L'Officiel Art, issue # 03


The third issue of L'Officiel Art is now on stands. We are bringing back the essence of art, its reality, thanks to the exclusive encounters and interviews with players from all areas of the field.

By unveiling the art universe, not only do we present the artists' creations, but we also emphasize that art is directly linked to today's society.

Highlights include:
Bertrand Lavier by Eric Troncy
Doug Aitken: The art of living by Juliette Michaud
Carsten Höller interviewed by Jérôme Sans
Peter Zumthor by Astrid Maria Rappel and Olivier Reneau
Adel Abdessemed vs. Douglas Gordon
Yayoi Kusama's atelier by Olivier Reneau
A conversation between Mark Gonzales and Cyprien Gaillard

And also…
The artists' cocktails by Olivier Reneau
Art DNA: Art challenges time by Yamina Benaï
Gastronomic Art: the creations of some of the most important artists enhance our dining experience.

Bertrand Lavier"Art and life have little in common. Art is a parallel world that accompanies reality, but its frontiers, however slender they may be, are impermeable. The artist is someone who undertakes the task of disconnecting with reality in order to reach what we call art."

After forty years spent observing the evolution of the art world, Bertrand Lavier is convinced that "contemporary art is extraordinarily popular because the people interested in it are not, in fact, interested in it at all."

Doug Aitken : The art of livingCalifornia artist Doug Aitken invites us into his home.
As for his works, the title came first. And "acid modernism" was the starting point for his house, which is "not avant-garde at all costs….it is on a human scale."

Sabbatical or PrisonCarsten Höller interviewed by Jérôme Sans
From art and artistic experimentation to a sabbatical; his experience in writing.

Architecture in the AlpsPeter Zumthor, one of the leading names in international architecture, explains his approach during over thirty years of experience.

Crossed Confessions: Adel Abdessemed vs. Douglas GordonUnparalleled artists on the international scene, Adel Abdessemed and Douglas Gordon talk about their first encounter and the importance of origins.

Yayoi Kusama's atelierThe octogenarian Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama made an extraordinary comeback on the international scene thanks to a retrospective, which traveled to Paris, New York and London. She opened the doors to her Tokyo based atelier for L'Officiel Art.
A man of his timeMark Gonzales, artist and icon within the skating sphere, and Cyprien Gaillard, an important reference in the art world: a candid conversation on art, life, their projects and their friendship.

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