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Special Edition: Frieze New York #1

Djordje OzboltSufi's Dilemma, 2012, acrylic on canvas, 173.5 x 184.3 cm / 68 1/4 x 72 1/2 in; Courtesy of Hauser & Wirth, Frieze B6.

FRIEZE: The Enchanted Isle of Art?
by Lori Zimmer

Frieze is entering their first foray into the world of the New York art fair with a splash…a splash that lasts about 20 minutes and comes in the form of their very own fair ferry. Bucking the trend of setting up shop at an armory or around the piers along the perimeter of Manhattan, Frieze New York will be its own destination, creating an immersive experience on Randall’s Island. Drawing collectors to the windy waterfront of the West Side Highway is a feat in the chilly month of March, but does Frieze have what it takes to lure art goers out of their comfort zone, and to another island, near the Bronx no less?

If the droves of people at No Longer Empty’s opening of “This Side of Paradise” at the Bronx’s Andrew Freedman home was any indication, New Yorkers are ready to experience art outside of their normal haunts.

Greg Parma SmithUltimate Color Pencil Techniques 1, 2012, oil and acrylic on canvas, 46 x 32 in. Courtesy of Balice Hertling, Paris. At Frieze Frame R12.
And an experience is what Frieze is crafting for their Stateside debut. Most of us have probably not even visited the historic Randall’s Island, although it is a literal park wonderland with five miles of waterfront pathways, sports fields, tennis courts and a state-of-the-art golf center. Like Governor’s Island, it is also an urban escape for secluded picnicking or relaxing under the shade of the many trees, with an idyllic view of the Manhattan skyline.
Rather than constructing another big tent on a highway, this art fair will feel like an art adventure. The fair will be accessible by subway and bus, but the best (and most escapist) way to get there will be on the free Frieze-sanctioned ferry, which will depart every 15 minutes from 35th Street on the East River and navigate its way north, offering both locals and visitors magical views of the city that can really only be experienced from the water.
Alec SothCharles Lindbergh's Boyhood Bed, Little Falls, Minnesota, 1999, framed digital chromogenic print mounted to Dibond, 32 x 40 in., courtesy Sean Kelly Gallery. Frieze B25. 
Frieze’s attention to the journey continues with a curated sound program that will be played in the BMW VIP shuttle services. Frieze has commissioned audio works byMartin Creed, Rick Moody and Frances Stark, who were chosen by curator Cecilia Alemani. Songs, short stories and lullabies will be the backdrop as visitors are shuttled around the island, with Manhattan in the background and the snaking Frieze pavilion in the distance.

This attention to detail and emphasis on not just the 180 galleries exhibiting but the overall experience of the fair has the potential to make Frieze the art fair of the future...
...Click here for more on Frieze's enchanted isle with Lori...

See you in New York!
–the ArtSlant Team

FROM THE ARCHIVE - Matthew Day Jackson, Marc Ganzglass
Marc Ganzglass, Wheel, 2011, galvanized steel, 53.3 x 53.3 cm / 21 x 21 in; Courtesy of Hauser & Wirth.
Science on the back end, an exhibition curated, or rather selected, by artist Matthew Day Jackson, is now on view at Hauser & Wirth, featuring Larry Bamburg, Rosy Keyser, Erin Shirreff, Nick van Woert, and Marc Ganzglass. Jackson writes, "During a conversation at his studio, Marc Ganzglass described an object he created to closely resemble a wheel. He said ‘It’s kinda like science on the back end.’ He was being funny but there is always a quiet insightfulness in Marc’s humor."
For more on Matthew Day Jackson and Marc Ganzglass, read Andrea Alessi's 2011interview with Jackson, and Trong Gia Nguyen's 2008 interview with Ganzglass:
TGN: ...Is part of your work about romanticizing science?
MG: Science as a pursuit is definitely romantic, in a way that’s what allows it to be picked up and used as an analogue in art. They share the same impulses...

19 KAREN - 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace is dedicated to discovering cutting edge emerging contemporary Australian and international artists with exceptional and diverse talent. The gallery is located in a converted warehouse tucked away in an industrial street in Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast. 19 KAREN's much anticipated upcoming exhibition, The Art of Spain, will be opening on June 9th, and runs until July 7th, 2012.

FAIR WATCH - Samara Golden

Samara GoldenBad Brains, 2012, Frieze Frame New York. Courtesy of the artist and Night Gallery

Columbia University graduate and Los Angeles-based artist Samara Golden will be exhibiting at Frieze Frame with a solo show presented by Night Gallery. Her work incorporates video, photographs, sculptural elements, and everyday objects into self-reflexive, dramatic, and complex installations. To learn more about Golden's work, readKate Wolf's review of her latest solo exhibition at Night Gallery in Los Angeles. 

TALK OF THE TOWN Under the Tent, Behind the Scenes
with Gabriella Picone

Frieze New York, tent interior, April 19, 2012. Photo by Gabriella Picone.
Working to prepare for the first New York Frieze Art Fair has been a blend of anticipation and curiosity. To be honest I’ve never been to a Frieze Art Fair in London and to be even more honest I’m not a huge art fair advocate, but working for Frieze has provided me with an admiration for the collective effort needed to create a large-scale event. My art fair role, which has shifted from the art-admiring spectator/critical journalist to a true team player, has still left me with an impartial understanding.
Don’t get me wrong, I am eager and passionate about this fair. How could I not be after devoting five months of my time for an outcome that last for only five days? Anyone involved in this caliber of event planning needs that type of devotion, although it’s nearly impossible to visualize the product. My contribution is only a small portion in comparison to all of the logistical planning that transpires in Frieze’s main office in London. Ironically, working from New York in this new space with a smaller group has in many ways created distance, even if we are geographically closer to the main event.

Frieze New York, exterior, April 19, 2012. Photo by Gabriella Picone.

It was really only until after my visit to Randall’s Island, where the fair is taking place in a snake-shaped tent designed by New York-based SO – IL Architects, that I was actually able to appreciate those five months of planning. Even though I previewed the structure when it was only three-quarters finished, physically existing in this location rather than virtually staring at the architectural renderings on a computer screen, does create a difference.

To most New York-centric locals, Randall’s Island might as well be upstate. Luckily for me though, an avid soccer player from age 5-13, this island was part of my childhood. In fact, the drive up to the site brought back dreaded memories of car tantrums when my parents would force me in to a Sunday game. Fortunately upon pulling up to the structure, which is notably the largest tent ever built in history, this childhood sentiment quickly faded...

Read more of Gabriella's experiences setting up Frieze New York in this week'sGEOslant blog...


Richard Denny, Loretta Bulletta, 2012, Acrylic and vintage maps on canvas board, framed, 55 x 66 cm

19 KAREN - 19 KAREN presents The Art of Spain, a group show involving 25+ Australian and international artists from the 19 KAREN stable creating unique Spanish-themed pieces. Artists include Guim Tio Zarraluki, Johnny Romeo, Kate McCarthy, Luke Yocum and Richard Denny. The opening night for The Art of Spain is Saturday 9 June, 6 - 8pm, and the exhibition runs until July 7th. The Art of Spainpromises to be a very memorable night and a highlight of the Gold Coast’s 2012 arts calendar. Guests are encouraged to RSVP to info@19karen.com.au or call us on (07) 5554 5019.

ARTSLANT INSIDER* - Salomon Arts Gallery

Thomas BanksBenna, 2010, oil on canvas, 79 x 99 in.
Salomon Arts Gallery - Salomon Arts Gallery presents Post Contemporary Art, featuring work by Martin Abrahams, Thomas Banks, Lynn Bianchi, Robert Bianchi, Jay C Lohmann, Elizabeth Gregory Gruen, Brooke Larsen, R. Douglass Rice, Salvador Rosillo, and Taisha Hutchison. In  this eclectic group exhibition, we see that art has a special relationship to time. It is necessary to begin from the transitory, ever-changing present: in other words -- time-less art. Salomon Arts Gallery is located in TriBeCa.


Carol Ladewig, Red, 2012, oil, oil stick and alkyd on canvas, 36 x 36 in.
Carol Ladewig - Carol Ladewig's paintings explore a range of formal possibilities to create spaces that are expansive and meditative. Fascinated by the spatial ambiguities of medieval art, the quietude of Morandi and Rothko and the chance operations of Cage, she has created a process, which explores the interplay between structure, intent, and chance. Ladewig lives and works in Oakland, California, and exhibits her work both nationally and throughout the Bay Area.


Leland Bobbé, Dottie Lux, from the Neo Burlesque series.
Leland Bobbé - Photographer and quintessential New Yorker, Leland Bobbé photographs urban subjects, portraits, and landscapes. His award-winning series Neo Burlesque, which was featured in 2011 at the Museum of Sex in New York in an exhibition tracing the history of burlesque, captures the glamour and unique personas of over 100 burlesque performers and hosts in intimate, honest, and straight-forward studio portraits.

ARTSLANT INSIDER* - Carvings Nunavut

Pauta Saila (Canadian, 1916-2009)Dancing Polar Bear, 1980s, carved soapstone Inuit sculpture, 22 x 12 in, 53 lbs.
Carvings Nunavut - Carvings Nunavut is a 100% Inuit owned company located in Iqaluit, Canada. With over 2,200 pieces of art from more than 50 artists this retail gallery has the largest collection of Inuit art and crafts in the world. Working very closely with the artists, Carvings Nunavut offers them the tools, proper protection and materials they require. Carvings Nunavut is known for its professional approach in helping its clients with specific requests and works closely with numerous collectors from all around the world.


Sarah Stokes - Sarah Stokes' abstracted paintings transform landscapes, emotions, and narratives into playful fields of colour, shapes, blotches, and brushstrokes. An intuitive sense of balance and form emerges in her paintings, where only the titles allude to the real-world situations and landscapes from which they are derived. The paintings resound with rhythm, colour, and energy. Stokes has exhibited throughout the UK, and her paintings are in private collections throughout Europe. She lives and works at present in Kent, South East England..

Sarah Stokes, The Memory of the Heart, 2012, acrylic and ink on canvas, 75 x 50 cm.

Thank you to Frieze and all of the galleries, organizations, institutions, curators and artists who bring us this New York extravaganza.

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