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The Best Of Le Journal




Happy Holidays !

Le Journal is on a well-deserved vacation. This has been an eventful season for photography, to say the least. Not everyone is on vacation, though. A few of us are staying behind to prepare your Christmas present: a full redesign of Le Journal. Let’s hope Santa isn’t too late. For the next s...


Joel-Peter Witkin by Elizabeth Avedon

“Witkin is a photographer who has been mistaken for a grave robber, whose works were described by Marina Isola as “Part Hieronymus Bosch, part ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’"


Pierre & Gilles: Photomatons

Pierre and Gilles met in 1976 and went on to form one of the most celebrated partnerships in contemporary photography. Their new book, Autobiographie en Photomatons, is a first-person story told by Gilles Blanchard through captioned images: a timid boy from Le Havre who moves to Paris, wh...

In memoriam

Doisneau 100th Birthday
50 unreleased pix

Robert Doisneau was born April 14th 1912 in Gentily ( a suburb of Paris). On the 14th of April we will make a larger presentation of the life of this magical imp that illuminated photography. Meanwhile we want to present these 47 images never published or unknown found in t...

In memoriam

Helmut Newton, the 1975 interview

In 1975, while working as a young journalist at PHOTO magazine, I had the privilege of interviewing Helmut. He was recovering from a heart attack in New York that had turned his life upside down. The conversation lasted hours. June was there, and we can never overestimate t...


The Arab Spring in Marseilles

Through June 28, 2012 at the Hôtel de Région of Marseilles, you can see 194 pictures, the result of the work of 30 photographers from 12 countries bordering the Mediterranean.


AIPAD 2012
Corinne Tapia

Day 6 I head back to 560 Broadway today, not to see Taki and Etheleen but to meet Corinne Tapia, a French art dealer who moved to New York several years ago to open the gallery space Sous les Etoiles.


Winners of Visa de l'ANI 2011

The jury for Visas de l’ANI met at the Bar Floréal in Paris last month to choose this year’s winners. They made their selection from among fifteen portfolios submitted to the Visa pour l’image festival in September 2011. The final selection included JP Lopez’ reportage on starving childr...

L'Oeil de La Lettre

Samuel Bollendorff: On the banks of the canal

Taking a politically commited look at the social problems touching hospitals, schools, the police, prison and AIDS in France, Samuel Bollendorf now explores the struggles of the so-called mal logés (poorly housed). 3.6 million people are classified as such, lacking a perm...

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