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Miami Beach 2013 | Newsletter No. 08

HYON GYON PARK, Ningensama, 2009 | Acrylic, Japanese paper on Canvas76.3 x 63.7 in | Courtesy of Shin Gallery

Welcoming 100 International Exhibitors and 15 Breeder Program galleries, SCOPE Miami Beach will also feature a wide range of curated projects, sponsor programs and Platinum VIP tours. SCOPE Miami Beach opens on Monday, December 2, with its exclusive Platinum VIP Gala, continuing Tuesday, December 3, to welcome VIPs and Press at its First View benefit, and will open to the general public December 4 - 8, 2013.

SCOPE Miami 2013

SCOPE Miami 2013

1000 Ocean Drive at 10th Street
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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Being 3 Gallery

SCOPE Miami Beach
Armored Car, 2005
Jeep Cherokee in Steel Plates
6 x 5 x 14 ft

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20120320-L1027721 Buddha
in Paris (detail)
, 2012
126 x192 cm, Ed 3

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The Flat- Massimo Carasi

Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art

Michael Johansson
Still Life | 2011
Colored furniture, colored objects.

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Armadio rosso, 1990
40 rusty boxes, 8 TVs, DVD players, red wool, sound
300 x 500 x 60 cm

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L’Inlassable Galerie

La Ira de Dios

Blackout Series, 2013
Mixed media

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On The Road (detail), 2013
Digital Print 

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Yellow Peril Gallery


Smoke Ring, 2012
Acrylic paint on cigarettes, wire, ash

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Subspace 099 (detail), 2012
Acrylic, polyacrylic on Curly Red Oak plywood
48 x 82 x 1.25 in 

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Enough About You
Curator: TRIAD + Lillith Performance Studio + The SCOPE Foundation

Einat Amir's performance Enough About You is inspired by how our possibilities to socialize have been simplified and altered dramatically due to the numerous meeting possibilities offered by contemporary media. We can read stranger's diaries and view their family albums long before we have closer contact. We have opportunity to form an opinion in advance, to accept or reject before actually meeting.

This work creates a monitored lab where one can observe "authentic" encounters between two strangers who are controlled and guided by an experimental conversation structure created specifically for this piece. The observer also participates, and is monitored and controlled. 

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SCOPE Miami Beach

Once Upon a Time Down There
Mixed media, site-specific installation
Curator: Lori Zimmer

Composed of sculpture, political propaganda and historic artifacts, Nyugen Smith’s site specific installation is a fictional museum documenting the colonization of Africa and the West Indies. As told through several bodies of work that span the artist’s career, these salvaged boats, healing elixirs, homemade maps and books, all contribute to the historical contextualization of an imaginary location, where real events have taken place.

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Maxikiosco, Buenos Aires
Steel, colored plastic, rivets, paint, lights
Curator: Natalie Kates

Maxikiosco is the 2nd piece in Fruin's celebrated ICON series. Composed from hundreds of plexi offcuts, this work celebrates the vibrancy of the corner stores of Argentina. Like New York's Watertower and Los Angeles' Billboard, these works transform signature architectural shapes into kaleidoscopes of color that project a cities identity to the viewer. The sculpture will be a beacon of light illuminated by the sun during the day and computer controlled halogens by night.

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Video still from Beau Stanton
Courtesy of QF Gallery
Curated: Lori Zimmer

Message in a Bottle explores the romantic history of blindly throwing messages to sea, leaving it to the hands of fate to deliver them to their intended recipient. Visitors are invited into a maritime ship chandlery, where contemporary artists have created their own message for the ages, captured inside bottles and waiting to be unlocked by their new owners. A special animation by Beau Stanton will further the seafaring fantasy.

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No Place
Mixed Media Installation
Courtesy of DUMBO Arts Festival

Winner of the DUMBO Arts Festival 2013 SCOPE Prize, Saya Woolfalk’s mixed media installation, No Place, investigates configurations of biology, sociality, race, class, sexuality, and an environment designed as reflection on human life and its future. With its name derived from the English word, “topia,” coined by Thomas More from the Greek “no” (ou) and “place” (topos), Saya Woolfalk’s fictional “No Place” is composed of handmade, costumed mannequins from hybrid cultural origin, and a 30 minute video, The Ethnography of No Place, a collaboration with anthropologist and filmmaker Rachel Lears.

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Hand-screened posters, installation variable
Curator: Lori Zimmer

Ron English brings his unique brand of "subvertising" to SCOPE Miami Beach with an installation exploring the many layers of advertising as wish fulfillment and thought control. Using his signature technique of stretching truth and taste just beyond acceptable limits, English forces us to confront the loaded impact of our littered visual landscape.

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