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Weekend Portfolios22.12.2012


Weekend Portfolio

Anne de Mondenard : January 2013

Next month and for all of January, the selection of Week-end Portfolios will be made by Anne de Mondenard, historian of photography. Mondenard recently curated "Modernisme ou modernité, Les photographes du cercle de Gustave Le Gray" exhibition at the Petit Palais.


Happy Holidays !

Le Journal is on a well-deserved vacation. This has been an eventful season for photography, to say the least. Not everyone is on vacation, though. A few of us are staying behind to prepare your Christmas present: a full redesign of Le Journal. Let’s hope Santa isn’t too late. For the next s...


Bettina Rheims
The Gender Studies

Over a year ago, we got a request from “Candy magazine”, an yearly publication on transexuality and drag, to publish once again, and twenty years later, the “Modern Lovers” and “Les Espionnes”. A body of work on androginy and transgender shot during the hardest times of aids.


Jocelyne Alloucherie
On everything

Jocelyn Alloucherie is a Canadian photographer. Born in 1947, she lives and works in Montreal. Her work has been exhibited around the world, but 2012 is shaping up to be a French year. Indeed, through May 7, Alloucherie will take over the Musée André Malraux in Le Havre. Through M...


Carlo Mollino
A master of eroticism

Carlo Mollino is known as an architect and furniture designer, he was also a writer, photographer, race-car driver and downhill skier. He appears to be an universal and multitalented artist, living several different lives in order to be able to meet all the requirements of his...


Picasso faces the lens of Douglas Duncan

La Piscine Museum in Roubaix, France, is presenting the exhibition Picasso à l’oeuvre through May 20. The show brings together 150 photographs by the American photojournalist David Douglas Duncan, shot between 1957 and 1973 in the painter’s homes.

Press Review

Paul Melcher's selection

Who said there was no money to be made in photography ? Sure you could snap the first pictures of Angelina Jolie's baby: $2 million. Or you could be the collector who recently sold a Gursky print for $5 million. But better yet, could you be the person who just sold his photography based compa...


Reuters, the best pictures of the year

Millions of people see the world through the eyes of Reuters photographers every day, a collective vision of events shaped by the split second instant the photographer chose to record. Our World Now 5 draws on this extraordinary resource, encompassing the diversity of stories, t...


Guy Aroch
Le corps d'Elsa

Guy Aroch's exhibition at Milk Gallery is about Elsa Hosk whom Guy photographed over the last 2 years. He wanted to capture her in a simple light, playful, uninhibited and spontaneous way. This work is a good example.
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