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Behind the Scenes in the Photography Studio

Regarding the chaotique life of Le Journal the last week, we forgot to present three quite important exhibition. Here they are. The Musée Bourdelle is one of the most underrated museums in Paris. Until February 8, 2013, visitors will have all the more reason to discover it...


Strasbourg : Arnold Odermatt, the legend

La Chambre is an organization that supports young artists. Until March 3, 2013, the work of the Swiss photographer Arnold Odermatt will be on display at its gallery in Strasbourg. The exhibition was co-produced with the Centre Photographique de Lecture, l’Espace Fernet Bianca ...


Jesse A. Fernandez
From Havana to Paris

The artist Jesse A. Fernández was born in Havana in 1925 and died in Paris in 1986. Like many photographers of the time—Gotthard Schuh comes to mind—Fernández was interested in painting, visual arts and literature. In a retrospective on view as the Maison de l’Amérique Latine ...


Happy Holidays !

Le Journal is on a well-deserved vacation. This has been an eventful season for photography, to say the least. Not everyone is on vacation, though. A few of us are staying behind to prepare your Christmas present: a full redesign of Le Journal. Let’s hope Santa isn’t too late. For the next s...


Lise Sarfati talks to Elizabeth Avedon

French-born Lise Sarfati has lived and worked in the United States since 2003. She has produced six important series of photographs in America, each followed by major exhibitions. They include The New Life (2003), Austin, Texas (2008), She (2005-2009), Immaculat...


Boris Mikhailov in Rennes
Salt Lake

The Salt Lake series dates back to 1986. Contrary to the works on display in Paris (see above), these pictures were taken when Ukraine was still part of the USSR. The 50 pictures in the series were taken secretly, a common practice, photography was considered subversive ...

In memoriam

Only in New York !

Only in New York ! The formula is perhaps hackneyed, but it is still true. The proof: this picture published yesterday on Facebook. A woman taking vengeance on her husband's adultery on a billboard.


New York City Panoramas

Thursday night, he 26th of January, more than a thousand people packed the galleries of the reopened South Street Seaport Museum. For the first time, all three floors of gallery space in the restored historic building were used for installations, ranging from a look back to the 1600s, to conte...


Abe Frajndlich
Penelope’s Hungry Eyes

We overlooked one of the most important photography books of last year: Abe Frajndlich’s Penelope’s Hungry Eyes, published by Lothar Schirmer. "The genesis of this book goes back to when I arrived at Minor White's house for a live-in workshop in the fall of 1970 and my first ...


Raymond Cauchetier
Nouvelle Vague

Before the three-month exhibition of Raymond Cauchetier’s Nouvelle Vague pictures goes up in Los Angeles, a smaller selection of the photographer’s work will be on display at the Galerie Polka in Paris, a selection is also featured in the latest issue of the maga...


Portland, Robert Frank: Polaroids

Painkiller is an original exhibition of 48 Polaroid images by groundbreaking photographer Robert Frank taken from the 1970s through the present.


Maia Flore, on the other side of the mirror

The Galerie Madé (Paris) presents Maia Flore. Maia’s work is a study on coincidences between our world and our imagination. Sleep Elevations, her first series of photographs, reveals an aerial plane where young girls float in a state between dreaming and awakenin...


Gilles Caron
Life in a scrapbook

This year, the Gilles Caron Foundation is publishing two exceptional books for photography enthusiasts, upholding the Foundation’s mission established by the photographer’s family: to keep his work alive, and maintain his notoriety.
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