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Steve McCurry, Ed Kashi, Jean-Pierre Leloir




Steve McCurry : Voyage autour de l'Homme

Steve McCurry, twice a recipient of the World Press Photo Award, is today considered one of the great photographers of the century. 
The exhibition Voyage autour de l'Homme presents an original selection of more than 200 photographs covering 30 years ...


Tel Aviv :
Fashioning the Object

The exhibition "Fashioning the Object: Bless, Boudicca, Sandra Backlund" conceived by Zoë Ryan, curator for the Department of Architecture and Design at the Art Institute of Chicago, explores different practices and representations of identities via clothing. The presentati...


Paul Nathan
Generation Ink

A short stroll up Bedford Avenue reveals a veritable walking art gallery with flesh as medium. Hipsters sit on the stoops of brownstones or on the benches outside cafes and restaurants showing off their ink. Others whizz by on their fixed gear bicycles flashing heavily detailed designs on...


Nice : Franck Olivas

Franck Olivas returns to the MUSEAAV on Place Garibaldi in Nice, two years after his first appearance when he immersed the audience in total darkness for stunning photography sessions and dance. At the opening on 30th November 2012, guests will discover a new performance ‘Trasparenza...


Paris : New Gallery

Acte2galerie at 41 rue d’Artois in the 8th arrondissement of Paris has just given birth to a little sister: Acte2rivegauche, la galerie d’en face at 7, rue Paul Louis Courrier in the 7th arrondissement. The photographer Sacha Goldberger and his grandmother Mamika will christen thi...


London : Magnum Photos
Screen Idols

This December, Magnum Photos’ Print Room pops up at the 99 Mount Street Gallery in Mayfair with an exhibition of classic portraits of cinematic royalty, both historic and contemporary. 
Collectively Magnum’s archive of film imagery, the product of working on film sets capturing b...


Vogue Calendar 2013

The 2013 Vogue calendar is here and it is sumptuous: Hedi Slimane, Mario Sorrenti, Michael Jansen, Inès and Vinoodh. Kate Moss, Lara Stone, Sasha Pivovarova, Gisele Bündchen and Isabelle Fontana. Hang it up between the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and the Pirelli calendar.


Jonathan Alpeyrie
Women leprosy Ethiopia

Leprosy has been for many centuries, in Ethiopia, a sickness with enormous social implications. The physical consequences of catching such an illness has forced many infected by the disease into a solitary life or, at best, into leper’s colonies through out the country. With...


Krista Steinke
Purgatory Road

Purgatory Road takes its title from an actual place where I live during the summer months, a wooded region in rural New York that is divided by an infamous dirt-covered path. Folklore and local legends surround this road where on one side, commonly known as “Devil’s Pit”, the ...


Regard de Femmes : iPhotographie

The introduction of cellular phone cameras revolutionized photography, changing its status. Conversational and communicative, mobile phone photography comes with its own aesthetic. Tribegram* has organized an exhibition on women and their use of cell phone photography...


Brooklyn : Ed Kashi
The Forgotten Land

Ed Kashi traveled to Madagascar to study the consequences of the depletion of natural resources on a culture dependent upon them. Using an explicit visual language, Kashi defines man by his close bond with nature. The tense portraits of mud-covered bodies correspond to the sil...

In the archives of...

LIFE: Carl Mydans
Death of JFK

I never had much to do with the Kennedys. I was out of the country most of the time when John Kennedy was Senator and then President. The day he was shot, I had been out of New York, and when I got back late in the day, I found that our entire staff, both writers and photographers, ha...


Alessandro Gandolfi
Gaza is wonderful

After the very important decison of the UN , it might be possible for Gaza to have a new glimpse of hope for its future. Seen from the inside Gaza is a place of dignity and hope that - unluckily - nobody wants to tell . Gaza is Wonderful! it is obvioulsy a defiance. Our projec...


Jean-Pierre Leloir
Night and Day

To Delve into the tens of thousands of Jean-Pierre Leloir contact sheets, perfectly ordered, indexed, dated and annotated, will take one backstage to some of the greatest Parisian concert halls, where Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, Count Basie, Billie Holiday, Ella Fi...


Magdalena Solé
New Delta Rising

Traditionally, blues music is photographed in black-and-white. But the photographs of Magdalena Solé aren’t directly interested in the artists and fans of the musical genre. They let themselves be carried away by the rhythms and melodies. And they’re in color, no les...


AIDS Charity Auction

Last Saturday in Monte Carlo, a charity auction was held to support the fight against AIDS. Prince Albert of Monaco acquired a portrait Steve McQueen and Alfred Hitchcock taken by Françoise Gragnon, a print by Lucien Clergue, and another by Jean Daniel Lorieux. The auction raised 370.000€
Le Journal de la Photographie - 3, Rue Primo Levi, 75013 Paris France

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