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Jonathan Becker the photographer of Vanity Fair and Miami Art Basel by WM Hunt




Jonathan Becker Talks to Elizabeth Avedon

Photographer Jonathan Becker celebrates the publication of his new book, “30 Years At Vanity Fair,” (Assouline, 2012) three decades after his portraits first appeared in the prototype for the magazine's 1982 relaunch. As one of the great visual storytellers of our time, Becke...

Art and commerce

Bernard Perrine sur la Critique Photo

He's the most uncompromising. The biggest perfectionist. The most meticulous. And sometimes the most intolerant, too. He's Bernard Perrine. His writing is always incisive, always questioning, and the same is true for his most recent piece in La Lettre de l'Académie.


Art Basel Miami 2012 :
The Diary of Bill Hunt

Art Basel Miami is an enormous pink manatee. It is as ungainly as it is unlikely; imagine a flamingo colored sea cow, wallowing in the warm shallows or swept away in the tides of visitors to the Convention Center. Navigating ABM it is like swimming the nearby Biscayne ...

Press Review

Patricia Nagy
Fashion Press Review

The winter holidays are just around the corner, and before we know it, we’ll be clinking champagne glasses and ringing in 2013 (oh yes, already). So that’s why in this month’s round up of fluffy fashion images, some might feel a sense of overall calm, telling us it’s time to refl...


Milan : Gabriele Basilico, Domenica Regazzoni

At the end of the 19th century, Sesto San Giovanni, on the outskirts of Milan, was one of northern Italy’s most important industrial centers. At first there were mostly mills, but over the years the city turned its focus to steel, with large factories owned by Marelli, B...


Montpellier : The Super 8 Films of Bernard Plossu

La Fenêtre is a new arts space in the heart of Montpellier that specializes in architecture and design. Their current exhibition focuses on an unknown aspect of the work of the French photographer Bernard Plossu: his films, the still pictures taken from his films, and...

Press Review

European press review by Michel Philippot

This is the final review of the year. It’s time to take stock—but don’t count on me to do it. You won’t find any judgment here, qualitative or quantitative. Newspapers, the ones that still exist, continue publishing photos—less than before, certainly, but they’re still going,...


São Paulo
 : André François - Brazil

The photographs in the exhibition O Brasil que pouco se vê (Brazil As We Rarely See It) will be displayed on the walls of the Rio de Janeiro metro station Luz de São Paulo until December 31. For this series on the theme of health and quality of life of Brazil’s indig...


Brussel : Harry Gruyaert

In Antwerp I had a very Catholic education. At thome, first there was God, then the Pope, then my father. My older sister became a missionary in Zaire, where she was killed in 1968. After my studies, I came to Paris as soon as possible, partly to escape, and worked in fashion. In New ...


La Photographie en 100 chefs-d’oeuvre

For those who can't visits this exhibition, the Fondation Louis Roederer commissioned this video : a guided tour by the curator Sylvie Aubenas. Until February 17, 2013, Bibliothèque Nationale de France proposes an exhibition of discovery one hundred photographs from the BnF's c...


Rio de Janeiro : Fabrizia Granatieri - Devoção

Oi Futuro in Rio de Janeiro will present through December 16 a series by Fabrizia Granatieri, Devoção, A corrente de Santa Sara Kali. The exhibition brings together forty works dealing with the ritual devoted to Saint Sarah, or “Sara-la-Kali” (Sara the black), a ceremo...


Bibliodiversité* n°3 : For children ages 2 to 102

Here are half a dozen books that make us dream, all while exercising our eyes and brains (not to mention, in some cases, our French, English, Russian, German or Japanese). In other words, these are genuine treasures available at affordable prices. Animaux à mimer/S...


Fès : Rencontres Photographique 2012

As part of the France-Morocco cultural season, the Institut Français de Fès has organized the 6th Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie de Fès, which will be open until December 31st. Three of the five photographers are French: Scarlett Coten, Jean-Christophe Ballot, and ...


Le Bal : Promising Young Photographers

Under the title Ceux qui arrivent (Up-and-comers), Le Bal in Paris is featuring the work of the new generation of recently graduated photographers and filmmakers. From December 14, 2012, to January 6, 2013, the work of the winner of the Prix des Écoles d'art SFR Jeunes Talents/ ...

Press Review

US press review by Paul Melcher

Photography is like a mirror. It compels us to define who we are as a person and as an individual. When we look at pictures taken in a faraway land, we only really look at ourselves.The picture you like , the ones that appeal to you reflect your personality, your tastes. They also reve...


Zineland by Antoine Soubrier : M/M

Zineland has always been about one thing: space. Whether we’re looking at a photo fanzine or an artist’s monograph, our focus is always how the publisher or author has used a limited visual space and given it meaning. This week’s subject is a retrospective looking back at twenty yea...


Los Angeles :
Bob Willoughby, On Set

In the 1950s, Bob Willoughby was the first outside photographer hired by Hollywood to document the film sets of some of the industry’s biggest movies. His photographs were published in the most important magazines of the day, including Look et Life. Working alon...


Angkor Photo Festival 2012 by Eliseo Barbàra

It’s probably the most friendly festival of photography in the world. Going to Siem Reap in Cambodia during the week of the Angkor Photo Festival could mean to discover new photographers from Asia and to find new incredible friends from around the world. Now I understand...


Barbara Nitke
American Ecstasy

In the 1980s, at the dusk of the “Golden Age of Porn,” New York City photographer Barbara Nitke began a journey that would be as unpredictable as it would be revealing decades later. Nitke’s new photo memoir American Ecstasy (Pierrot, 2012) is a challenging, profound and daring accom...


The Rolling Stones: 50 Years in Photographs

Janet and Gary Calderwood founded Calderwood Gallery in 1982. Since then the gallery has built an international following as a world-class resource for original French Art Deco (1910-1950) furniture by the most illustrious designers. In addition Gary Calderwood is a classic...


Paris : Court-Ordered Auction at Drouot

On May 9, 2012, the Tribunal de Grande Instance d'Aix-en-Provence announced a photography auction by order of the court. This auction will be conducted on December 19 at the Hôtel Drouot in Paris by Yann Le Mouel under the expertise of Viviane Esders. The collection for sale is...


The Rudin Prize from West Palm Beach

A year ago Tim B. Wride was appointed the William & Sarah Ross Soter Curator of Photography at the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, Florida. He has done 6 exhibitions already with the highlight being the announcement of the biennial $20,000 Rudin Prize, recognizing work of...


Miss Rosen
Book Review #47

Chaka Khan most famously sang, “I am every woman” and no artist embodies this quite as brilliantly as Cindy Sherman. She has been remaking herself in the image of others throughout her career, giving a spellbinding performance of gender roles assigned to (mostly) ...


Prix Nicolas Bouvier : Steeve Iuncker

Published by Le Bec en l’Air ten years after its completion, Steeve Iuncker’s Jeudi 15 h has just received the Prix Nicolas Bouvier. This is a harsh, head-on photo essay achieved with accuracy and clarity. In our contemporary, individualist society devoi...

Editorial & Business

DDP images leaves DAPD

In a statement released on Thursday, December 13, 2012, in Munich, the company HQTA AG (formerly DAPD Media Holding AG, led by Peter Low and Martin Vorderwülbecke) sold its stake in the photo agency DPP Images to its founders, Ulf Schmidt-Funke and Katharina Doerk.
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