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Introducing Mahnaz Afkhami on Generations

Remarkable Women

The International Museum of Women’s 
Curating Change
Now featuring new guest curator
Mahnaz Afkhami
We are thrilled to include Women’s Learning Partnership founder Mahnaz Afkhami in Curating Change! Mahnaz is our newest guest curator, featuring her selections from IMOW’s rich global archives on Generations.
“Making change happen involves transition—from exclusion to inclusion, from inequality to equality, …and from tradition to adaptation,” says Mahnaz Afkhami in her Curator’s Statement. “ All of these have to do with passing the torch from grandmothers to mothers to daughters. We grandmothers that have lived lives that were slower, quieter, less connected, and much more dependent on face-to-face contact have to look at the world through the eyes of our daughters and granddaughters.”
Mahnaz has been a leading women’s rights advocate for over three decades, is the former Iranian Minister of State for Women's Affairs, serves on IMOW’s Global Council,  and is founder and president of the Women’s Learning Partnership, an international organization that develops curricula in 20 languages to train future women leaders around the world. Explore Mahnaz’s selections for IMOW that shine a light on generations of women around the world!
Mahnaz’s selections include “Jeju Grannies of the Sea,” a photo series depicting elderly women sea divers in Korea; “Peace Begins with You and Me,” a mixed media video exploring how conflict and peace can cross generations; and “Learning from the Past,” an essay about how one young woman confronts the financial crisis using lessons taught to her by her mother— plus many other amazing pieces from IMOW’s exhibition archives!
Check out Mahnaz Afkhami’s selections on Generations>>
Thanks to the generous support of the MetLife Foundation, this year’s Curating Change will include selections on Motherhood, Community, Friendship, and more from leading women of every generation, working in fields around the globe. New guest curator selections will be launched every two weeks through Spring 2013. Be sure to check back soon for the next guest curator selections!

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