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Tribute to Jeanloup Sieff




Les Sieff:
Family album

Jeanloup Sieff passed away twelve years ago. A collection of his fashion photography has just been published by La Martinière. The book is gorgeous: the images are sublime, the texts are brilliant, not to mention the layout designed by Harri Peccinotti, another great photographer and artisti...


Jeanloup Sieff
Fashion 1960–2000

Jeanloup Sieff (1933–2000) is considered one of the great French fashion and portrait photographers of the second half of the twentieth century. It is remarkable that, despite the number of books on his work, nothing has been published to date on his fashion photography. With this...


Jeanloup Sieff
the Sixties

The essence of fashion is renewal; the medium is in constant movement as, season by season, the language of dress and style is reinvented, only to be superseded by fresh ideas in the next round of collections, always eagerly awaited. Within this fluid process of change there are periods m...


Jeanloup Sieff
the Seventies

I imagine him watching people – especially the women – as he sits at his table at Café de Flore. In fact, Jeanloup Sieff writes in his memoirs: “With each woman that passes, I live out a love affair, fleeting but complete. When I see them some way off and their silhouette attracts me, o...


Jeanloup Sieff
the Eighties

Among the many changes due to the strange compulsion that drives us to leave each decade behind like a reptile shedding its skin, the 1980s – or the myth that surrounds that era – stand out in the collective memory as the time when the accessory became the main thing: manifesting itself ...


Jeanloup Sieff
the Nineties

Enter the 1990s. After the AIDS years, the world stopped dancing. As did Jeanloup Sieff, he who so loved to photograph dance and dancers. His photography would now follow the no-danse movement of that era. Just look at this photograph of Catherine Deneuve in the Jardin du Luxembourg. It’...


Barbara Rix-Sieff
Fun casualness

Long before marrying, Barbara Rix was already a photographer. From the moment she arrived in Paris, because she lived with a war correspondent, because she became a model, and because she herself examined the world with the Leica she wore slung over her shoulder, Barbara had lived i...


Sonia Sieff
by Lolita Pille

Let’s paint a portrait of the portrait artist. Sonia Sieff casts the silhouette of a biker, fearless and free like those women reporters of the 1970s surveying the battlefield, looking like one of Simone de Beauvoir’s dreams made flesh. For this type of woman—women with eyepieces and dar...


Sacha Sieff
A symphony of images

For the exhibition Les Sieff at Colette, Sacha Sieff, the musician of the family, has produced a mixtape/collage inspired by his father and his work, using recordings his father left behind on vinyl, cassettes, reels and VHS tapes. Sacha took the voice of his father and those of his...


Harri Peccinotti
Tribute to a friend

In the early 60’s when I was designer / art director of Nova magazine I asked Jeanloup to make some fashion pictures for me and had the pleasure to work and layout his pictures for the first time . 
We became great friends.


Molly Benn
Les Sieff at colette

To mark the launch of the Jeanloup Sieff’s new book, the Sieff family is exhibiting their work at Colette in Paris until November 3. Behind the lens: Jeanloup, the immortal maker of icons; Barbara, his lifelong companion; and Sonia, their daughter, who photographs women in all their ...
Le Journal de la Photographie - 3, Rue Primo Levi, 75013 Paris France

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