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Transart Studio PhD & MFA

Transart Institute invites you to submit your application to its low-residency MFA & PhD program. The deadline to enter the program this winter is November 1, 2012

Low-residency Studio PhD: Call for Applications
Transart offers a low-residency PhD program for advanced studio art. The PhD at Transart is a three year program with an average work commitment of 30 hours per week, validated by the University of Plymouth, UK. The degree is offered exclusively for practice-based research (creative work) supported by a written element. Artists interested in entering the PhD program should send a detailed proposal no later than November 1, 2012 to admin@transartinstitute.org. Transart is encouraging proposals that relate to its research clusters: Language/Image; Land and Sea; Liminality, Space/Place, Temporary Architecture; Memory, Forgetting, Trauma and the Archive; Art and Social Technologies; International Diaspora and Post-Colonialism; Role of Art in Peace, Meditation, Performance Activism; and Foreignness, Otherness and the Uncanny. The admissions process is explained online: http://www.transart.org/phd-admissions/

MFA with Advanced Standing
Three spaces are available in the low-residency MFA Creative Practice for applicants with graduate level course credits in art, media, design and related fields from other institutions to begin studies in December 2012. With a transfer of a minimum of 15 credits (30 ECTS) accepted applicants can complete the MFA Creative Practice in three semesters by summer 2014. The admissions process is explained online at:http://www.transart.org/mfa-application and at http://www.transart.org/mfa-with-advanced-standing/ for advanced standing.

The MFA Creative Practice
is a student-centered, project oriented postgraduate art program which fosters independent thinking, risk-taking and the creation of an informed and sustainable art praxis. The program is tailored to suit the needs of working artists with summer residencies in Berlin, winter residencies in New York and one-on-one advisement during the academic year, wherever students work and live. Students are free to pursue work in any art-related genre and to create their own course of study, working independently and with the support of self-chosen studio and research advisors. Short periods of intensive residency permit students to continue with their professional work and keep a balanced personal life while participating in the program.

The Transart Experience
The majority of Transart students are emerging and mid-career artists and teachers at tertiary institutions. Students' experiences at the Institute are unique and often transformational. NY based artist Virgil Wong found "The community I've become a part of through Transart is already much more immersive than what I've developed in ten years of living and working as an artist in New York City." For composer and artist David Dunn "perhaps the most important aspect of the program, to me personally, has been the realization of just how constrained my professional life can be. I have no lack of colleagues or opportunities to present my work but my network of association tends to reinforce a particular set of intellectual and aesthetic assumptions that become 'the' set of assumptions. Transart succeeds at prying apart some of those entrenched viewpoints to provide space for new ideas and concerns. The truly international makeup of the students and faculty reinforces this." M ore details online: http://www.transart.org/students

Transart Institute is an international program. Summer residencies take place in cooperation with arts organizations in Berlin, Germany. Winter residencies take place in New York at various arts initiatives and galleries. At all residencies professional development workshops, visits and tours of cultural facilities and initiatives expand the regular academic program.

Applications for entering the program at the Transart Winter Residency in New York in December will be accepted until November 1, 2012. Deadline for admissions at the Summer Residency is April 1, 2013.

Transart Institute
As the Unschool Art School, Transart grew out of a desire to go beyond established institutional education where pre-formed and pre-formatted knowledge is passed on to all students in the same way. Transart works the other way around: a plethora of models and diverse input in a multi-perspective environment form a truly student-driven program. The Institute is also a platform for faculty to expand their teaching praxis by making space for creativity and experimentation. Beyond its educational objectives, Transart is engaged in building an international community in support of students, alumni, faculty and their artistic and academic practices.

Contact & Further Information
Subscribe to the monthly Transart MFA newsletter: http://www.transart.org/about/transart-newsletter
For more information please visit the Transart website: http://www.transart.org
To schedule an appointment with faculty please email Drew Henmi: henmi@transart.org.

Transart Institute
Mail: 228 Park Ave. South
New York, NY 10003
+1 (347) 410 9905

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