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The history of Apartheid at the ICP in New York, the Daegu Biennale (South Korea) and Lynn Goldsmith




South Korea :
Daegu Biennale 2012

South Korea will welcome an eventful cultural season with several biennales. Following the renowned Gwangju Biennale (already in its ninth year) was the mid-September opening of Media City Seoul, an international biennale devoted to new media, as well as the Busan Biennale of conte...


Daegu 2012
Photography is Magic !

Photography is Magic!, curated by Charlotte Cotton, is the main exhibition of the 2012 Daegu Photo Biennale. The title of the exhibition refers to the experimental possibilities of photography. The magic lies in the development of the image and the knowledge it requires, as well as...


Daegu 2012
The Youth Code

Adolescents form their own social group. No longer children, but not yet adults, they have their own codes. Many artists are attracted to this period of transition, which is both physical and psychological. The Youth Code gives viewers the chance to discover 20 such artists from across th...


Daegu 2012
Repositioned Personal

In recent years, the use of new technologies has completely changed our social habits. Text messages, photo sharing, social networks: the possibilities to share information about ourselves are endless. Photographs taken on cell phones and shared almost instantaneously play an impor...


Daegu 2012
Dance on a Thin Line

Fumihiko Sumitomo’s Dance on a Thin Line is being presented as part of the Daegu Photo Biennale. Sumitomo is a curator of the Beppu Art Project 2012 and the Aichi Triennale 2013 (Japan). He will become vice-curator of Japan’s Maebashi art museum when it opens in 2013.


Marion Dubier-Clark
On the road again

Following Polaroids From NYC to New Orleans, Marion Dubier-Clark continues her road trip with Polaroids From San Francisco to Los Angeles. San Francisco, Yosemite Park, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Kingman, Route 66, Palm Springs, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles—what images d...


Art About Heart

The agency was founded in 1985 by Angela De Bona. Her ideal was simple to create an agency able to support image-makers within the realms of both art and business. The agency has grown with joy to represent photographers, for assignment and special projects. We represent a diverse group of...


São Paulo
Nova Fotografia 2013

The Museu Da Imagem E Do Som (Museum of Image and Sound) in São Paulo will select six photographers to participate in its 2013 “New Photography” program. The project aims to present the work of promising and little known photographers to the general public. Applications are free and...


Fernando Brito
Lost in the Landscape

It’s hard to know what to make of the photographs of Fernando Brito. On one hand he is what one might term a straight documentary photographer working through a human-interest story – the project being a survey of the dead bodies dumped as the result of drug related gang violenc...


Lynn Goldsmith
The Looking Glass

Questions of identity are explored through self-portrayals where I assume different guises. By injecting myself into settings which originate with window dressing in New York City, I consider how the act of shopping, how fashion, affects how we see ourselves as well as how we think ...


Yusuf Sevincli

In his unorthodox black and white photographs, Sevincli unpretentiously photographs his environment, his daily encounters, his fears and concerns: simply what he experiences. His work is an expression of curiosity, a visual diary that exposes absurdity of his environment, experiences and his...


Carnem: Photographic Workshop in Milan

From October 2012 to February 2013 Milan will host the world-famous “Body Worlds” exhibition by Gunther von Hagens at Fabbrica del Vapore. While Body Worlds offers deep insights into the human body, Prospekt agency will enact a series of photographic exhibitions, video screening...


New York: José Picayo
The love of trees

The Robin Rice Gallery announces the seventh solo exhibition of photography by José Picayo. The show of new work opens September 19 and runs through October 28. This photo exploration of exquisite, 100-plus-year-old specimens of trees found in a New Jersey public arboretum i...


Paris Photo/Aperture
PhotoBook Awards

The thirty books shortlisted for the Paris Photo/Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards were officially announced at the New York Art Book Fair, where Aperture presented the third issue of The PhotoBook Review. The shortlist was selected by Julien Frydman, Chris Boot, Phillip Blo...


ICP : Rise and Fall of Apartheid

The International Center of Photography is the first museum to offer a major retrospective of images of racial and ethnic separation in South Africa. More than five hundred documents make this a must see exhibition .


Moscow Beaches
Albert & Verzone

For the past eight years, the city of Rennes in France has held a photography exhibition at the Hôtel de Ville and in the La Courrouze and Maurepas districts of the city. Past editions have included large-format prints of works by Sebastião Salgado, Klavdij Sluban, Steve McCurry, Gil...
Le Journal de la Photographie - 3, Rue Primo Levi, 75013 Paris France

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