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Aperture, A Legendary Publisher : Cartier Bresson, Weston, Franck, Arbus, Koudelka, Shore




Aperture, A Legendary Publisher

In the history of photography, Aperture is a legend. This publishing house, magazine and gallery space is celebrating its 60th anniversary today, and we have decided to honor its history. Laurence Cornet organized this tribute. 1952. The absence of a serious periodic...


Aperture - Minor White,
The Founder

Flipping through Anthology, one imbibes the spirit of Aperture. But one also traces the history of photography, beginning with its critical turning point in the 1950s, when art photography reclaimed its autonomy despite the crushing wave of photojournalism, which flooded illustrat...


Aperture - Michael Hoffman, The Visionary

Michael Hoffman’s personality aroused admiration and fear in equal measure. He was known for his short temper, his business acumen—with everything that goes with it—and his assertive eye. Knowing only his reputation and the photographic legacy he left behind ...


Aperture - Chris Boot,
Changing of the Guard

Chris Boot was appointed Executive Director of Aperture one year ago. It was a welcome end to a period of uncertainty for the Foundation. It was also a challenge, one that he faced with his British stiff upper lip, devoted as he is to photography in all i...


Aperture Remix : The Anniversary Exhibition

As announced in its title, the anniversary exhibition is a celebration. A celebration and a tribute, as much to the institution as to the visual diversity of photography itself. The principle, devised by Lesley A. Martin, an editor of the foundation, is a kind of aesthetic ...


Aperture - Edward Weston (1965)

A key year for Aperture, 1965 saw both the appointment of Michael Hoffman as Executive Director of the foundation, and the publication of its first monograph. Edward Weston’s The Flame of Recognition was the first entry in the vast collection of works we know today. An influence on the...


Aperture - Robert Frank (1968)

Although Aperture wasn’t the first to publish the Robert Frank’s legendary work—Robert Delpire published Les Américains in France in 1958, and Grove Press followed a year later in the United States—it was their 1968 edition that endowed the book with its high r...


Aperture - Henri Cartier-Bresson (1971)

Henri Cartier-Bresson was one of the first photographers selected for Aperture’s Masters of Photography collection, a series that included works by Berenice Abbott, Eugene Atget, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Walker Evans, Andre Kertesz, Man Ray, August Sander,...


Aperture - Diane Arbus (1972)

The same year that Edward S. Curtis’ North American Indians appeared also saw the release of the first Diane Arbus monograph, one year after her suicide. They are two separate lessons in portraiture, two visions of a changing America. In the ca...


Aperture - Josef Koudelka (1975)

The exhibition Gypsies presented at Arles last summer revealed the history of the publication of this seminal work by Josef Koudelka. The show was as anecdotal as it was representative of the evolution of photography publishing. It was also the opportunity t...


Aperture - Stephen Shore (1982)

I don’t believe a history of contemporary photography can be written without acknowledging the role Aperture played in shaping that history. It played a significant role in my life, too – publishing my first book, Uncommon Places. I feel a great debt of gratitude to Mi...


Aperture - Bruce Davidson (1986)

My association with Aperture books goes back to 1986, when Michael Hoffman, the director of Aperture, made it possible for the Subway images to be published, when most commercial publishers could not take a chance on this complex material. In 1995, Melissa Harris, Editor at Aperture, ...


Aperture - Mary Ellen Mark (1999)

I published several books with Aperture : Twins (2003), American Odyssey (1999) and Streetwise (1988). Streetwise is important because it was at the time of Michael Hoffman. It was first published by University of Pennsylvania Press and then Michael saw the film we did with my husban...


Aperture - An-My Lé (2005)

I worked on my book at Aperture during a period of turmoil and uncertainty. There was at least one director change if not more. My editor Andrew left half way through so I continued with Lesley Martin. But in spite of this, whoever I worked with was always committed to help me bring forth ...


Aperture - Martin Parr (2012)

Martin Parr presents his latest editorial fancy, Life’s a Beach, copublished by Aperture and Xavier Barral.
Le Journal de la Photographie - 3, Rue Primo Levi, 75013 Paris France

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