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Le blog de SoVeNa, An Ode to Glamor




Le blog de SoVeNa,
An Ode to Glamor

Her name is Sophie Boisgallais, and she has fantastic blog, Le blog de SoVeNa. The photographer Claude Guillaumin introduced me to it. Week and after week, Boisgallais shares her favorite pictures, rediscovering a forgotten past. And she asks for nothing in return. She does it for...


Sophie Boisgallais
aka So Woods

I was born in Paris to a family of artists. My parents were both musicians, and introduced me to the piano at age 5. My father, Jacques Boisgallais, won the 1971 Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris (1971), and my mother, Colette Bailly, a disciple of Max Deutsch (one of Schoenberg’s last ...


Alfred Cheney Johnston
The Ziegfeld Follies

Alfred Cheney Jonston (1885–1971) began his artistic career as an illustrator. He studied painting at the National Academy of Design in New York, working under the direction of his mentor, Charles Dana Gibson. During his studies, he began to experiment with photography by ...


Tom Palumbo
From Bazaar to Vogue

The American photographer and stage director Tom Palumbo (1921-2008) is best known for his fashion and celebrity photographs from the 1950s and 60s. It all began in 1953, when the photographer Edward Steichen, the newly appointed director of photography at the Museum of Modern Art in...


Baron Adolph de Meyer
Elisabeth Arden

In the 1920s, Baron Adolphe de Meyer, nicknamed “the Debussy of photography,” worked as a photographer for Condé Nast Publications, where he was commissioned by the cosmetics company Elizabeth Arden to shoot one of their advertising campaigns.


William Helburn
A forgotten photographer

William Helburn photographed Dovima, Barbara Mullen, Jean Patchett, Simone D’Aillencourt, Suzy Parker, Anne Saint-Marie, Linda Harper, Jean Shrimpton, and many other supermodels of the 1950s and 60s. He worked for famous fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Charm, and s...


Anne Brigman
The Photo-Secession

Anne Brigman (1869-1950) was a member of the Photo-Secession movement in America. Her most famous photographs were taken between 1900 and 1920, depicting nude women in naturalistic settings. In 1894, she married Martin Brigman, a sea captain. She began taking pictures in 1902, the s...


John Rawlings
30 Years in Vogue

In 1936, John Rawlings joined British Vogue as an assistant to photographers Cecil Beaton, Horst P. Horst et Irving Penn. In 2001, Kohle Yohannan, an archivist at Condé Nast, discovered a vast collection of his photographs, which became the book John Rawlin...


Louise Dahl-Wolfe, The Grande Dame of Fashion

Born in San Francisco in 1895, Louise Dahl-Wolfe took her first pictures in 1923. In 1936, she joined Carmel Snow, Alexey Brodovitch and Diana Vreeland, respectively, the editor-in-chief, artistic director and fashion editor of the magazine Harper’s Bazaar. Her collaborat...


Bar-Room Philosophy
The good old days

Somewhere amid clouds of smoke and alcoholic fumes, artists, painters, poets, writers and thinkers discuss and remake the world, finding their inspiration in the Parisian bistros, turning them into their headquarters. “Bacchus never said what was in his blood. He hated reading w...


Tribute to Leonor Fini

According to Claude Lévi-Strauss, the mask hides as much as it reveals, “denies as much as it affirms.” Silent, it often holds a secret to which only the initiated are privy.


Dora Markovitch (Maar)
Picasso's muse

Henriette Theodora Marcovitch, the muse and companion of Pablo Picasso, better known as Dora Maar, was one of the most important Surrealist photographers. She spent time with André Breton, Georges Bataille, Paul Eluard and Man Ray, whose assistant she became before opening her o...


Romy Schneider
by Giancarlo Botti

n 1974, at the age of 36, Romy Schneider felt the need to prove that she was still beautiful. She called the Italian photographer Giancarlo Botti. The photoshoot took place in her Parisian apartment and lasted over eight hours. Botti remembers the session as, “one of the longest of...


Claude Cahun

Claude Cahun, born Lucy Schwob (1894-1954), was a writer, photographer and woman of the theatre. Intimate, poetic and largely biographical, Cahun’s body of work, which stretches over a vast period from 1910 to shortly before her death in 1954, defies classification. Her ...


Arnaud de Rosnay
The Missing Playboy

The entrepreneur, fashion photographer, adventurer and windsurfer Arnaud de Rosnay was 18 years old when he met Richard Avedon , thanks to the supermodel Marisa Berenson. He became Avedon’s assistant, learning the techniques of fashion photography. His first succ...


Marilyn, Cecil Beaton
and Edward Pfizenmaier

In the 1940s and 50s, Edward Pfizenmaier (b. 1926) was an assistant at Vogue, working with famous photographers like Horst P. Horst, Cecil Beaton and Irving Penn. He is known for his scenes from New York city, his fashion photography, and his celebrity portraits of Salvad...


by Franco Rubartelli

In 1965, Franco Rubartelli (b. 1937 in Florence) introduced Vera von Lehndorff Gottliebe, aka Veruschka, to the international fashion scene. He produced many editorials forthe magazine Linea Italiana and the French, English and Italian editions of Vogue.


From Matisse to Toulouse Lautrec

The artist and his muse... an inseparable pair in the arts, embodied in painting, sculpture and music by the myth of Pygmalion. A tour of this relationship.

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