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Tina Modotti, Nadav Kander, Gil Elvgren, Claude Iverné




Nadav Kander Talks to William Avedon

Nadav Kander’s photographs, Yangtze – The Long River at Flowers Gallery, New York, capture an authentic un-staged snapshot of people's lives in a region undergoing the most significant and broad sweeping changes to their physical environment in 5,000 year...


Buenos Aires :
Tina Modotti

Tina Modotti was a photographer and a revolutionary—not to mention a seamstress and anti-Fascist activist in Italy, a model in San Francisco, an actress in Hollywood, and a prisoner in Mexico. Modotti’s life, which began in Italy in 1896, reads like a novel: an extraordi...


Fabio Borquez, la mode académique

Borquez's intention is not to put women on display. He discovers his models during photo shoots and castings, or even out on the street. More than just mere objects in front of the camera, his models unveil their characters in their unrehearsed poses . The triumph of femininity cou...


Sébastien Meys : Gorilla Portraits

“Exchanging glances with a huge monkey is a unique experience that rarely leaves one indifferent. A strange feeling overwhelms you: is there more to his glance than meets the eye? What unfathomable thoughts are hiding behind this surprisingly human face?”


Sebastiano Tomada
Muslim Rage

It has been almost a month since the attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi and the U.S. embassy in Cairo, sparked by the now infamous anti-Islam video that stoked violent protests across the Muslim world. In Egypt, where the protests began Tuesday, the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 ...


Philadelphie Museum :
The Curator’s Choice

The Women’s Committee of The Philadelphia Museum of Art announced the six winners and the Curator’s Choice print for its second biennial Photography Portfolio Competition 2012. The six selected photographs and the Curator’s Choice will be entered into the permanent colle...


Photaumnales 2013 : Call for Applications

In 2013, the tenth edition of the Photaumnales will be held in Beauvais, France, from September 14 to November 3. Diaphane, is a photography center in Picardie, Fred Boucher and Adriana Wattel, are in charge of the event. They are launching a call for appli...


Zineland par Antoine Soubrier

What’s fascinating about Another Language, beyond its title that’s half-Karl von Frisch’s dancing bees, half-Italo Calvino’s visual alphabet, is the precision of Mårten Lange’s photographs. Like the Swedish photographer, and taking their cue from Ryan McGinley, thousands of amateur photo...


American landscape now by Andy Adams

Since 2006, I have promoted contemporary image-makers and archived their work in The Flak Photo Collection, a web-based photography archive available exclusively online. Not surprisingly, many of those pictures reflect my personal interest in the environment and how humans respond...


Paris : le 3ème festival Photocollection II

Last month we talked of how the third edition of Photocollection is establishing itself as a major Paris photography festival. The second part of the event is now opening at the Galerie du Centre Iris and La Galerie Le 29, with exhibitions featuring the wo...


Bruno Aveillan : Bolshoï Underground

The Bolshoi Theatre, guardian of the souls of marvelous ghosts, is an institution that lends itself to many dreams and fantasies. Everyone knows of its reputation. The more zealous know its history, and the stories behind The Story that took place there, the issues and incidents...


Claude Iverné : The Sudanese Photography

The photographer Claude Iverné has organized three exhibitions in order to present a portrait of Sudan (in Arabic, Bilad es Sudan, ‘country of the black people’): La Maison des Métallos will exhibit photographs Iverné has taken in Sudan over the last fourteen...


Gil Elvgren : The Norman Rockwell of Cheesecake

The illustrated pin-up was the most popular girl in mid-twentieth century America. Long, slender legs, an impossibly small waist, bursting curves and a wide-eyed innocence felled hearts across the country. This ubiquitous vision of feminine perfection was ‘The Elvgr...
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