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Jack Garofalo, Nick Knight, Margaret Watkins and Gregory Crewdson




London: Nick Knight

For the past three decades Nick Knight has defined the cultural vision of a generation. Consistently challenging conventional notions of beauty, Knight has reinterpreted the boundaries of contemporary fashion photography. In groundbreaking collaborations with an array of leading designers ...


Ottawa: Margaret Watkins
Symphonies domestiques

The photographs of Margaret Watkins are like the choruses of a love song. They are delicate like rare flowers one refrains from picking; the impulse to touch them, or to possess them, would damage their beauty. Better to keep a distance and enjoy the ...


Toulouse 2012: Interview with Paul Ardenne

For the 2012 edition of the Printemps de Septembre, the curator, historian and art critic Paul Ardenne decided to present ‘History is Mine!’ It is a history that has been written, revisited and shaped by the artists in a unique way. He spoke with t...


Toulouse 2012: Interview with Marie-Thérèse Perrin

Founded in Cahors, France, in 1991, the Printemps de Cahors changed its location and season in 2001, moving to Toulouse and becoming the Printemps de Septembre. We revisited the history of this festival with its founder, Marie-Thérèse Perrin. “We started out wantin...


Toulouse 2012: Samuel Fosso

Known for his studio photos in which he dresses up in costumes of the 1970s to revisit the stereotypes of glamor magazines, Samuel Fosso is taking a step forward with his new series African Spirits. He slips into the skin and costumes of the great figures in Afric...


Toulouse 2012: Gohar Dashti

Gohar Dashti, an Iranian photographer, is presenting in Toulouse the series Today’s Life and War. She stages a young couple going about its daily activities amid reconstructed scenes of war: they watch television from a bunker, hang their laundry to dry on barbed wire, and go on a picnic s...


Dimitri Pilalis - Hidden psychiatric hospitals

This photographs show some aspects in the area of public and private mental health in Indonesia. The country has 240 million people, of whom 4.6% suffer from severe mental disorder. Impressive: only 48 psychiatrists are active in that country, while patients overcrowd ...


Jack Garofalo: Une légende de Paris Match

An exhibition, a tribute, a famous photo lab (Central Dupon images), a beautiful gallery , 75 rue du faubourg Saint Honoré: for Paris Match, this is our way of celebrating the photographs of Jack Garofalo. Jack joined Paris Match in the magazine’s e...


Melbourne: Gregory Crewdson

Hyper-real, theatrical, filmic – these are just some of the labels attributed to the artworks of American photographer Gregory Crewdson, whose elaborately styled images form part of Crewdson’s exhibition In a Lonely Place, which is currently on show at the Centre ...


Peter Hay Halpert by Stéphanie de Rougé

The first thing that charms me about Peter Hay Halpert’s gallery is the intimacy of the space: it’s a cross between a gallery and an apartment, and through the open windows one can hear the sounds of leaves rustling and birds chirping. There’s a small bar, da...


Prix AFD/Pix Palace

The French Development Agency (AFD) keeps up its collaboration with the world of photography in the second edition of its annual photo contest, Objectif Développment – AFD, and the first edition of Prix Photo AFD – Reporter du développment, on the theme “Cities and Men”.


Adam Jahiel - In search of the last cowboy

The term "daybreak" bears a loose definition on a buckaroo outfit in the Great Basin. For the cook, it comes around 3 a.m., when he rises to fire the stove and make breakfast. Next to rise is the horse wrangler, who saddles in the dark and rides into the black desert to jing...


Atlantica : Les trésors d'une maison d'édition

In the digital age, a simple pleasure persists: inhaling the sweet smell of a book, whether old or new. This is the story of a walk among old printing machines and boxes filled with books. A story that leads to an archive room crammed with little-known photography book...
Le Journal de la Photographie - 3, Rue Primo Levi, 75013 Paris France

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