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Kathy Grove, Martha Cooper, Kevin Kunishi and the web review




New York: Kathy Grove Manipulated Photography

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is presenting an astonishing exhibition entitled Faking It: Photography Before Photoshop. The high priestess of the genre is Kathy Grove. We discussed her work last December in our Who’s Who column. Kathy Grove recreates icons of...


Zineland par Antoine Soubrier: Passengers

October. It’s getting colder and darker. Every morning we’re less likely to see daylight as we emerge from the subway. We look back on Passengers by Dagmar Keller and Martin Wittwer, the winner of the Dummy Award, which recognizes the best book layout, at the last FotoBook Fe...

In the archives of...

LIFE : Hank Walker On JFK and RFK

At the 1960 Democratic Convention, where everybody was shooting pictures like crazy, I was doing a story on Bobby Kennedy. The morning after Jack was nominated, we went up to his room. The brothers talked very quietly, and Jack told Bobby he wasn’t going to choose Walter Reuther for...

Web Review

Pauline Auzou: Street Photography version 2.0

Lisette Model was walking along the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, then there was William Klein making his “photographic diary” in the streets of Brooklyn while Robert Frank was touring the United States, each taking the life of the street as raw material for their photog...

Web Review

Pauline Auzou: photo de famille version 2.0

Today, we look at our parents’ old, yellowed photo albums with pleasure and nostalgia. And some blogs have caught on. My Parents Were Awesome plays on our soft spots for old-fashioned pictures. Eliot Glazer, the site’s creator, wants us to remember that the young people in ...


London: Gustave le Gray and his circle

During Frieze Masters, James Hyman presents a special exhibition that coincides with that of the Petit Palais in Paris. Gustave le Gray was one of the most technically accomplished of all early photographers, even writing treatises on how best to...


Martha Cooper: The Picture Lady

For 40-some exhalting years, Martha Cooper, the “Grande Dame of Hip Hop”, as she has once been called, has been documenting street art and graffiti artists. She has traveled all over the world since her first book, Subway Art, got published, in partnership with Henri C...


Teheran : Mehrdad Naraghi - The Fairyland

Among the trees that stand still 
Only to be viewed as symbols. 
At a place where everything and anything is possible to be seen 
A miracle raised from a dazzling light 
Peeping through the amorphous leaves. 
Inside a mysterious gloom where no decoding is expected


Australia: Sydney Life

The annual Sydney Life photographic exhibition is now on show featuring 22 large-scale images suspended under the lush-canopied roof of Hyde Park in the heart of this harbor city. These banner-sized photographs, reflecting contemporary life in Sydney, represent the finalists in this ye...


Cuba: Cooper & Marti
La Havana Vieja

This could just be just another photo book about a trip to Havana. But it reads more like a beautiful tale of reconciliation between Cuba and the United States. The photographers Nestor Marti and Chip Cooper, from Cuba and the USA, respectively, traveled as friends throughout th...


La Jolla: Steve Kahn
The Hollywood Suites

These pictures, collectively titled "The Hollywood Suites” were all made in run-down apartments. Alternately provocative and haunting, they were the subject of solo exhibitions on the West Coast and in Europe during that decade and included in noted group exhibitio...


Wang Qingsong by Thircuir editions

At a time when Chinese photography is ever more present on the international scene, the publishing house Thircuir had the brilliant idea to launch its first collection featuring the most important and promising photographers. Founded in 2011 by Jérémie Thircuir and Enoïa Ballade, Th...


Shanghai: Yang Yongliang Moonlight

Until October 20, the Galerie Madga Danysz in Shanghai will be presenting the latest work of Yang Yongliang (b. 1980 in Shanghai), the young prodigy of Chinese digital photography. The exhibition, entitled Moonlight, is the largest yet devoted to the artist...


Pierre Houles: Andy Warhol, la Factory 1982

Except for two of them, these photographs have never been published before. They were taken at the Factory in 1982 by a flamboyant photographer, now forgotten, who died in the 1980s: Pierre Houles. We’ll have more to say about Pierre later, but in the 1970s...


Kevin Kunishi : Los Restos de la Revolucion

There are silent photographs, those which pay tribute to nature, not to its thunderous sublimity, but to its simple and noble beauty, when its characters are torn for an instant from the brutal frenzy of their daily lives. This is the case for the photographs of Kevin Kunis...
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