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Jan Groover, Luc Delahaye and Jean-Marie Perier




Sabra & Shatila,
30 Years Later

In a short new book, special correspondent Jean-Marie Bourget and photographerMarc Simon revisit the “near genocide” (in the words of the UN) of two Palestinian camps in Beirut Lebanon in September, 1982, the aftermath of which they witnessed while reporting for the French...


Jean-Marie Perier: Rencontres privilégiées

Jean-Marie Perier presents a retrospective of legendary British and American music acts from the 1950s and 1960s, spiced up with anecdotes oft his encounters with these artists. “I was lucky, because I always knew how lucky I was,” says Perier. “Being 22...


US press review by Paul Melcher

In fact, photography is a tool for the blind. Because of our deep relationship with the animal world, our brain is wired exclusively to detect motion. In a natural state, we pay little or no attention to anything static because it offers little to no threat. We actually have to make a ...


MoMA, New Photography 2012

MoMA is presenting its annual autumn selection of contemporary photographers who represent the current diversity of the medium. This month, five artists selected by the curator Eva Respini share the billing: Michele Abeles, a specialist in patchwo...


In-Sight : The Wemhoner Collection

In-sight is the second volume in a series of publications on the Wemhöner Collection. This book explores the medium of photography, which is the main focus of the collection. 
In his investigation of photography, Heiner Wemhöner concentrates on artists w...


L'exposition invisible de Jérôme Bryon

Last summer, we met Jérôme Bryon in the streets of Arles, carrying with him a replica of his exhibition at the Galerie Vieille du Temple in Paris. The photographer continued his astonishing experiment of inviting visitors to come to Paris to see his exhibition, which closes to...


Photo Levallois 2012

The fifth edition of the Photo Levallois festival opened on October 5. Launched in 2008, the festival is committed to all forms of contemporary photography, featuring work from world-famous artists and amateur photographers.vOf the five exhibitions this year, the largest is a ret...


Photo Levallois 2012 : Tribute to Jan Groover

The highlight of the 2012 edition of Photo Levallois is the exhibition devoted to Jan Groover, who died earlier this year. Born in the United States in 1943, Groover abandoned abstract painting in the early 1970s to experiment with photography, a medium in which she felt ...

In memoriam

Richard Gordon, 1945-2012

Richard Gordon was born in Chicago in 1945. He studied Political Science at the University of Chicago and did not begin photographing until he worked at a photography studio in 1965. Early in Gordon’s career, Robert Frank critiqued his work and stated that he “loved photogra...


Luc Delahaye :
Prix Pictet 2012

The 4th Prix Pictet was awarded on Tuesday, October 9, to the French photographer Luc Delahaye. The winner was chosen for his ten pictures on the theme of “Power,” which continue the excellent work he has done over the past decade. The prize is worth 100,000 Swiss francs (100,000 dol...


Genève, Mouvance : The AUER Foundation

Created in March 2009 by M + M Auer, the Auer Photo Foundation for Photography aims at preserving the existing collection, promote it, acquire new objects and photographic works, to organize exhibitions and to diffuse and update daily the International Encyclopaedia of Photogr...


Cathrine Ertmann - About Dying

About Dying takes place in the space between death and burrial. It’s a peak into the world that we hardly ever see, although it is one of the only things we all share regardless of gender, nationality, age or language. Here are lying women and men, girls and boys on ice, becau...


Miss Rosen
Book Review #39

Grandmother Power: A Global Phenomenon (powerHouse Books) is the fifth book by the unstoppable Paola Gianturco, who is a grandmother herself. Ms. Gianturco has dedicated herself to documenting the women who light the dark all around the world. Her oeuvre is sprin...


Massimo Gurciullo : Eyes Wide Shut

Massimo Gurciullo photographs ordinary eroticism. After 30 years working in the studio, he now photographs in apartments, attracted by the light and atmosphere. The photographer invites the viewer to become a voyeur, showing him erotic scenes and even sexual acts. He plays with ligh...


Huma Rosentalski Lebensmomente

Born in Dortmund, Germany, Huma Rosentalski lives and works in Paris since 25 years. In the beginning drawn to the fashion world, he shot series for Jardins des Modes, Marie Claire Bis, Elle, Jalouse...
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